SCDRP Annual Meetings

Each year, the SCDRP invites disaster recovery professionals to participate in an interactive workshop. Our Annual Meeting features lively presentations, structured time for discussion and interaction, and unstructured time for networking and meeting one another. We highlight local work in our host region at the same time as we seek participants from across the Southeast and Caribbean. 


Each year, our meeting is planned with the help of our membership via a meeting planning committee, which works to set agenda topics, and reaches into their network to invite speakers and panelists that give their perspective on the most pressing issues in disaster resilience and recovery in the Southeast and Caribbean.

“I enjoyed the camaraderie and willingness to provide information of individuals and organizations at the meeting.”

“Great connections with other private sector people and organizations. These connections will help both from a business perspective but also in sharing ideas and experience in our pursuit of better public-private partnerships.”

“I was able to reconnect with colleagues while making new connections, hear about recent work going in Georgia, as well as hear what the business continuity and private sector saw in the future of their work. I was also able to connect in person with a potential employer which was extremely valuable.”

“I gained greater understanding of the challenges that are faced in the public sector regarding getting the community involved in sustained resiliency.”

“I met people from my state who are active in different sectors that I’ve not engaged, and I have since followed-up on potential working relationships with them.”