Job Opening: Executive Director

About the Southeast and Caribbean Disaster Resilience Partnership

The Southeast and Caribbean Disaster Resilience Partnership (SCDRP) seeks to strengthen community resilience and support rapid recovery from storms and disasters by serving as the primary network for professionals in emergency management, climate adaptation, and disaster recovery in the US Southeast and Caribbean territories.

Organized to coordinate regional disaster recovery and resilience planning, the SCDRP has emerged as a convening forum for professionals from public, private, academic, and non-profit organizations who are committed to building capacity and sharing their expertise to advance community resilience. The SCDRP hosts regular monthly calls and an annual meeting to provide updates on regional and community issues, learn about conferences, webinars, and workshops; inform each other on any new resources; and seek guidance on best practices and new opportunities.

Period of Performance, Compensation, and Location

The SCDRP is seeking a highly motivated individual to serve as the SCDRP Executive Director. This position is a part-time (20 hours/week) contract position for 9 months with an intended start date in mid-August. The hourly rate for the position is commensurate with experience. The term of this position is likely to be extended with excellent performance. Candidates must be located in the U.S. Southeast or the Caribbean; however, the Executive Director will work remotely. The Executive Director must be able to provide their own computer, and access to the internet.

About the Position

The Executive Director will support the SCDRP by leading the partnership efforts, organizing monthly Partnership meetings (virtual), assisting in agenda development and updates at the monthly Board meetings (virtual), leading proposal development and fundraising efforts, and leading planning of the SCDRP Annual Meeting (in-person). This position will work with the SCDRP Coordinator, Advisory Board, and Committees to execute the strategic goals of the partnership. The SCDRP has a very active and engaged Advisory Board of disaster and resilience professionals from across the region representing public, private, non-profit, and academic sectors. A significant role of the position will be to assist with monthly Board meetings, plan and execute partnership meetings, and work with committee leads. The Advisory Board members will actively support the Executive Director, particularly in the beginning and in relation to the Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting, a two-day conference typically held at the end of January, is the keystone networking and knowledge transfer opportunity for our partnership. This position will lead organization, planning, and implementation of the meeting in coordination with the Coordinator and a steering committee. The Executive Director is responsible for organizing the steering committee meetings and agenda. This position is ideal for a graduate student or recent graduate in environmental sciences, planning, emergency management, hazard mitigation or other related field.

Position Duties

  1. Organization for monthly Advisory Board meetings, Partnership meetings, and other subcommittee meetings, in conjunction with the SCDRP Coordinator

    1. Plan and organize virtual monthly Partnership meetings. These meetings include a presentation from a member or speaker on their work or research in disaster resilience, recovery, or climate adaptation; a question and answer session; and some time for announcements or open discussion from participants. This position will work with the Partnership Development subcommittee to choose speakers for each meeting and engage directly with the speaker to arrange for the presentation. This position will coordinate and host meetings using virtual meeting technology.

    2. Work with the Board Chair/vice-Chair to plan monthly Advisory Board meetings, including an agenda to be generated via input from the Board. Assist the Chair, who facilitates the meeting, with logistics and agenda. 

    3. Work with the subcommittee lead(s) to plan monthly subcommittee meetings for the Partnership Development, Funding Development, and Governance Subcommittees. This includes working with the leads to develop an agenda, assisting with meeting support, and taking notes.

    4. Support expansion of the current SCDRP organization to Caribbean countries that are involved in the Department of State’s Technical Working Group on Disaster Resilience, Recovery, and Planning. This involves building partnership involvement among Caribbean nations, inviting new participants from these countries, expanding access for Spanish-speaking populations, and inviting speakers from these countries to share their work with the partnership.

    5. Maintain organizational records for meetings, including agendas and meeting notes.

    6. Keep fresh familiarity with the SCDRP Strategic Plan, use it as guidance, and be informed for all activities.

  2. Annual Meeting planning and logistics

    1. Work with SCDRP Advisory Board, Coordinator, SECOORA, and a Meeting Steering Committee to plan the 2023 Annual Meeting.

    2. Assist with developing the theme, dates, and location for the Annual Meeting. This planning should have direct consideration of locations where Caribbean nations can easily participate.

    3. Work with the Advisory Board and Partnership to solicit volunteers for the Steering Committee, which will support the 2023 Annual Meeting by identifying sessions and inviting speakers. This position will communicate directly with the Steering Committee members, and schedule and facilitate their calls. The Steering Committee should include at least 2 members from the Caribbean nations.

    4. Lead development of the 2023 Annual Meeting budget, including sponsorships, grants, and exhibitors. Organize and coordinate communications for the Annual Meeting, including a ‘Save-the-Date’, registration reminders, meeting planning updates, and reminders to registered participants. Support the SECOORA Communication Director and Program Coordinator in selecting a hotel and managing the contract(s) for meeting services, and tracking contracts progress.

    5. Coordinate with SECOORA contractors working on engagement in the greater Caribbean. 

    6. Track registration of participants through an online spreadsheet.

    7. Lead and help organize logistics and notetaking support at the Annual Meeting, including receiving presentations and conducting tech checks with speakers and moderators.

    8. Write up meeting program materials, such as agenda, sponsorship materials, and final summary report.

  3. Maintain active communication within the Partnership, SECOORA, and other public outlets

    1. Track budget in conjunction with SECOORA

    2. Work with the Coordinator to maintain SCDRP Google Groups and list-serves and share resources related to the Partnership and from partners 

    3. Work with the Coordinator on the development of a monthly newsletter (highlighting last month’s speaker, teeing up next month’s topic, tool/resource highlights, announcements, etc.) to be sent the week after the monthly Partnership meeting and announce the subsequent monthly Partnership meeting speaker.

  4. Funding and partnership development

    1. Assist in thinking strategically about sustainable funding and building the partnership

    2. Look for grant and funding opportunities and lead proposal development

    3. Develop a membership development plan and implement a membership drive (virtually, and in-person at Annual Meeting) to increase membership

  5. Program Coordinator Coordination

    1. Oversee the work of the Program Coordinator, who will assist with many of the above tasks, as needed. 

    2. Work with Program Coordinator to maintain and update the SCDRP website, social media outlets, and develop/send out the monthly newsletter 

    3. Check-in weekly with the Program Coordinator to update on tasks and set priorities


  • Bachelor’s degree, Master’s preferred, in relevant field

  • Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills

  • Outstanding time-management skills, including the ability to meet deadlines, coordinate and set priorities, and strong organizational and task/goal-oriented management skills.

  • Ability to take initiative on scheduling operations, coordinating deliverables, and managing a wide variety of tasks with the help of an Advisory Board and Program Coordinator

  • Ability to supervise and manage a Program Coordinator.

  • Ability to work both independently and as a team member.

  • Proficiency in online meeting facilitation software, website application, Google Suites, and social media platforms.

  • Professional demeanor and experience in coordinating and assigning tasks to achieve set goals.

  • Spanish language preferred, but not required

To Apply

Please submit a resume, cover letter explaining why you are uniquely qualified for the position, and 3 professional references by email to

Application Deadline 

Application Deadline July 29, 2022




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