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SCDRP Member Directory

The SCDRP Member Directory provides exclusive access to SCDRP resources, databases, and tools! View your membership status, renew or upgrade your membership, and access a wide variety of members-only features. 

Need some help navigating the Member Directory? Below are some quick tips! If you're still lost, please see the How-to Member Account and Member Directory Guide.

neon log in screen.png


To be a part of the SCDRP Member Directory, or to view and search the SCDRP Member Directory, you must Log In to your personal Account Portal or Create an Account using this link.

neon dashboard.png


When you log-in, you will land on the DASHBOARD page, where you can:

  • Edit your profile

  • Check, update, or renew your SCDRP Membership

  • Make a donation

  • Access exclusive Members-only resources

search member directory.png


Once you have edited your profile and checked your Membership status, you can use the SCDRP Online Member Directory tab view other SCDRP Members.


To search for other Members using filters such as Last Name or Company Name, select "Advanced Search." 

For more detailed guidance, please view the How-To Member Account and Member Directory Guide

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